Pakistanis Talk about their Tinder Adventures

Swiping for that perfect match!
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Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the fact that Tinder is the ‘not-so-hidden’ secret of Pakistan. With juicy Tinder stories being spilled over brunches and teas – some good, some weird and some TOTALLY unbelievable, we decided to reach out to those who had personal experiences on the site – of course promising anonymity and here’s what we found!


“He was always a cheater!”

“ To be honest, I joined Tinder for a weekend experiment really! I wanted to see the quality and type of people on there and generally how people were! In those two days, to my surprise, I found my old class-mates, cousins and even an ex (who is now apparently in a ‘happy’ relationship) by a pseudo name! And no he’s not Brad Pitt – so I’m pretty sure he wasn’t being impersonated. He was always a cheater!” – N, Female, 24

“Met a girl who told me she was happily married and that she and her husband were on Tinder looking for someone to add spice to their sex life!” –B, Age 27, Male


“ You won’t believe how many likes I had on a completely blank profile with no pictures, name or age…nothing! Just my name’s initial. I still met some pretty decent people who respected my privacy. We would eventually switch to Instagram but sadly nothing ever came out of it. If anything, I made some cool new friends!” –S, Age 23, Female

“Well for me it was boring! Most of the accounts are fake – like 50% of them, 30% are from across the border (from the Indian Punjab) and the remaining 20% are ‘actual’ accounts with whom you can actually have a good conversation (people from universities like LUMS, LSE etc.) Made a few good Indian friends and then a couple from Lahore and that’s it! It’s generally a fun concept unless you’re looking for something more than just a good conversation or a casual meet up!” – H, Age 26, Male


                “I met my Fiancé on Tinder!”

“Well I met my Fiancé on Tinder! We shifted to Instagram after talking for a bit and met in person shortly after. On our first meeting both of us were upfront about our intentions and what we wanted in life. A month later he sent his parents over – we are happily engaged now and the rest is history!” M, Age 27, Female


“Finally sent him a last text explaining why he’s retarded and blocked him!”

“I started talking to a 32 year old on Tinder because I am generally into older men. He had no pictures up and neither did I. The conversation was brilliant so we decided to switch to Snapchat for the exchange of pictures. I sent him mine and received a message in return asking if we could talk on the phone for a bit before he face-revealed himself. I agreed and we had an ah-mazinggg an hour long convo ending with a ‘yes let me send you my picture’. One day later NO picture again. When I asked again – I was left on read. Finally sent him a last text explaining why he’s retarded and blocked him!” –K, Age 22, Female

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