Pakistanis are sobbing tears of happiness because of Arshad Nadeem bringing home a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games.

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Arshad Nadeem made history when today, he bagged the gold medal for the Javelin competition at the Commonwealth games. In doing so, he defeated Indian player Neeraj Chopra who had previously won the Olympic Games javelin competition.

On social media, celebrities like Meesha Shafi, Shaheen Afridi as well as other Twitter users are shedding tears of happiness by watching Arshad Nadeem get the deserving prestige and international recognition he had always deserved.

Meesha Shafi shared the clip of when Arshad Nadeem made history which brought him the gold medal that he rightly deserved

Cricket star Shaheen Afridi thanked Arshad for his spectacular performance because of which the Pakistani national anthem will be playing from the podium at the stadium


Social media users were over joyed and displayed it by sharing clips of Arshad being emotional as his win is being celebrated throughout Pakistan

This user shared the clip of Arshad throwing the javelin at around 90m


Other users shared an emotional video of Arshad receiving his gold medal and the Pakistani national anthem playing in the background


Other users shared pictures of Arshad’s close loved ones who had helped him build a practice pitch to practice for his games when he was starting, and now are watching him at international platforms


Saying we are proud is an understatement. We’re so happy that one of the most deserving sports champion is finally being recognized for his hard work and talent. We pray that this is not the end, but the start of Arshad’s javelin throwing career.