Pakistanis Are in Awe of The Effect of Lockdown on Mother Nature!



Source: MAAN Photography

Almost a little over two weeks since we went into quarantine and it almost feels like we’re about to lose it any time now. While self isolation and the lockdown altogether may have started to get the best of us, there is in fact one thing us Pakistanis have begun to notice and honestly, we’re actually very grateful!

The nation has been witnessing spring showers lately, leaving us to experience and enjoy clean air and better visibility. All of a sudden, everything is greener, brighter and better. The air is crisp, the skies are bluer! Sighting such scenic views from one’s rooftops and balconies had become a tale of the past and we’re so glad to be able to relive it all after what seems like aeons ago.

Celebrities have been taking this opportunity to bring the clearing up some attention by sharing scenic views captured by themselves on their social media platforms.


Fellow Pakistanis also took to Twitter to express their happiness on how the lockdown has done wonders to reduce pollution in Pakistan and that how wonderful it was to see nature recovering on its own as they shared breath-taking photographs.

Seeing the natural beauty of Pakistan shine so bright is truly a wholesome and delightful experience. We hope make it habitual to come together as a nation and collectively take better care of the environment around us, so that every day can be another bright day!

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