Pakistanis All Over The Globe Are Celebrating Mango Season!



Amrapali mango finding takers in Dubai, Hong Kong and Malaysia ...

Have you ever wondered what’s the best thing about summers in Pakistan? That’s right, mangoes! This is because the world famous Pakistani mangoes are a popular way of beating the searing summer heat as vendors hawk piles of sweet-smelling mangoes or extract the puree to create refreshing drinks. Extolled as the king of fruits, mangoes are also recognized as Pakistan’s national fruit. All the more reasons to get excited about mangoes, right? Mango season is finally here and Pakistanis are celebrating!

Here’s what’s happening:

Model Shahzad Noor shared a fiery photograph of himself having the time of his life chugging down a glass of fresh milk after having plump juicy mangoes!

Twitter is also abuzz with Mango madness as Pakistanis sing songs of love for the yellow fruit.

Meanwhile Pakistanis living abroad share their quests of getting a hold of the majestic fruit…

Amid the current time of difficulty – mangoes are definitely the one thing that sure has brought joy to people making the lockdown slightly more bearable!

However, the biggest debate of all times regarding mangoes remains – which type of the fruit is the best one. While everyone remains divided between Sindhri and Chaunsa, let us know what your pick is by leaving a comment on our Instagram page!