Pakistani version of ‘Big Boss’ Tamasha Ghar enters the scene




Pakistani show Tamasha Ghar which is modelled along the same lines as Indian reality show ‘Big Boss’ just entered the entertainment scene, leaving audiences with mixed opinions.

The show is currently airing on ARY Digital with Adnan Siddiqui as the host and judge. He started the first episode with his flute skills before introducing the contestants — actors Aamna Malick, Umer Aalam, Maira Khan, Humaira Asghar, Mareeha Safdar, Saeeda Imtiaz and Saim Ali.

Anchor and host Waseem Badami recently entered the show as the first guest of Tamasha Ghar.

Netizens are expressing mixed views about the reality show and its format: some critiquing it for its similarity to the Indian show while others being of the view that its a global format being followed around the world.