Pakistani men and the glaring double standards with how they treat brown and white women

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


What conjures in the mind of a Pakistani man when he thinks of a woman? His baby maker, kitchen maid, helper who cleans the mess he makes and remains faithful to him despite his aggressiveness. Pakistani women are nothing but inanimate objects to Pakistani men for them to throw their opinions on, we could land on the moon, raise our voices for a protest or even get 3 PHDs but for men they’re biggest concern is how worthwhile are we to cater to their needs.

This attitude widely differentiates with how a Pakistani man would respect and interact with a white woman. Since we’re a colonized nation with a mentality that hasn’t budged past 1850, to us there’s nothing more beautiful and glamorous to the eyes than fair skin and a foreign accent that reminds us of our forefathers, the British. Our Pakistani men love bashing Meera, calling her “vulgar“, “awaragard“, “kaali” because she’s an outspoken brown woman who cannot speak in fluent English, and yet we witnessed how mainstream media channels called the British duchess Kate Middleton “classy” and “glamorous” for wearing a simple shalwar kameez when she visited Islamabad. Mansha Pasha had began one of the actresses who criticized the “gora complex” of Pakistani men for slut shaming Pakistani women for not dressing “appropriately”

Once more, Pakistani women are being maligned and compared to the likes of gorgeous white women like sports presenter Erin Holland, and its obviously clear how the white savior mentality has never left us. Erin Holland posted a picture of herself posing against a marble tile, and this Twitter user pointed out how the replies were flooded with men who were begging her to stay and save Pakistan’s lackluster reputation. Because obviously no Pakistani woman has ever made her nation proud before like the way a white woman can?

Who can vividly recall the time when at Aurat March women were dancing and singing to the top of their voices, and within seconds Pakistani men had to call the movement “vulgar” and “anti-islamic”? But when a pretty white woman shows us her legs, suddenly our morals flow out of the window

When we watched our own actresses like Mehwish Hayat dance for a freaking biscuit commercial or Mahira Khan walk for a human rights protest, condemnation was louder than appreciation because to the Pakistani man, brown women are nothing but objects that exist according to his approval. We are human beings with our own mind and independent nature and have as much audacity as a white woman to dress the way we want, regardless of whether we’re fair skinned or not. And its no man’s business to decide whether Pakistani women are worthy of respect or not because we will be.