Pakistani Cricket Players Treat Indian Taxi Driver To Dinner!



Pakistani Cricket Players Treat Indian Taxi Driver To a Dinner
Source: Masala

On Sunday, while some Pakistani players failed to impress at the Gabba, five of them won hearts of many on Internet after a heart-warming gesture yesterday, Pakistani cricket players won hearts by treating an Indian taxi driver to dinner.

The story was revealed in a clip of ABC’s radio show called Commentator Cam by radio host Alison Mitchell who narrated a very heartwarming anecdote she was told by an Indian Taxi driver who drove her to Brisbane’s Gabba stadium.

“A couple of days ago, he was called to the Pakistan team’s hotel and picked up five of the Pakistani players. They wanted to go to an Indian restaurant for a meal. He drove them to an Indian restaurant.”

She further revealed that when the cricketers offered him his rightful taxi fare, out of mere love and respect he politely refused. However, the Pakistani cricketers returned the favor with a heart-warming gesture and invited the fellow to have dinner with them.

“He showed the photograph on his phone of him sitting at the table at the restaurant with five members of the Pakistan cricket team,” she added.

Here’s how people are reacting:

“Out of countries, Indian and Pakistanis are best friends to each other, but in their own countries, they are worst neighbors, how’s strange people”, said Imran Hussain.