Pakistani civil servant Saima Saleem made her country proud with her speech at the UN General assembly

“Saima Saleem! You have done us all proud! Wah!” Tweeted Mahira Khan

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Saima Saleem is Pakistan’s first civil servant to be visually impaired and serving as the Second Secretary on Human Rights Affairs at the United Nations. She has received the praises of all Pakistanis in the past few days because of her staunch speech at the United Nations General Assembly where she shed light on India’s brutal atrocities in Kashmir. In a video posted on Twitter, Saima Saleem can be seen reading her speech in braille language as she exercises her right to reply back to the Indian representative.

When the clip of Saima Saleem reached social media, users had showered praises on the woman for her staunch reply and called her the pride of our foreign service.

Celebrities like Mahira Khan also took to Twitter to admire the civil servant’s powerful argument.

Other Twitter users called her a powerful woman for her confidence and called her the Pride of Pakistan

We congratulate you for your well deserved achievement Saima Saleem and we hope that this paves the path for more disabled people to gain a chance to represent their country at international platforms!