Pakistanis Pay Tribute to Abdul Sattar Edhi!



Sattar Edhi

Today marks the 4th anniversary of philanthropist and social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi. The late humanitarian is being remembered nationwide for his highly valued contributions towards Pakistan’s society.


Abdul Sattar Edhi is often referred to as the ‘Richest Poor Man’ in terms of having gone out of his way for the sake of humanity to help people despite his own financial conditions! He established one of the most prominent charities of Pakistan through which he helped the poor, children, women and disabled persons.


Reportedly, Abdul Sattar Edhi had only two sets of clothes, he slept in a windowless room adjoined to the office of his charity. The space was barely equipped, with just one bed, a sink and a hotplate.

Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away in 2016 at the age of 88 due to kidney failure and frail health. After the demise of Edhi, the legacy of Edhi charities is now run by his son Faisal Edhi and Kutub Edhi.

Pakistanis took to social media to pay tribute to the national hero. Here’s what they’re tweeting:

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We will forever be grateful to Edhi for his efforts and contributions! And we hope that we can keep his legacy alive by implementing the lessons he taught us during his life!