Overdone plotlines we wish Pakistani dramas would get rid of!

Cousin marriages, confusing toxic romances, mother-in-laws screaming at their β€˜bahus’ and many more!

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Why aren’t Pakistani dramas making efforts to introduce new content that attracts the attention of the new generation? Why are we still seeing the same problematic content on our screens over and over again despite multiple criticism? Over here let’s talk about some of the most tiring and over used plot concepts Pakistani dramas keep utilizing and how its time that we let them go!

  1. Cousin Marriages

How do you establish a shared background between two characters whom you want to turn into a couple later in the show? By making them childhood friends? College batchmates? Haram! Cousins who called each other brother and sister when they were young is better. Please let’s understand that incestuous relationships are extremely problematic and don’t need to still be accepted!

2. The Toxic Love Story

How is this a romantic love story to inspire generations if it doesn’t include a toxic man who keeps harassing and begging the girl to return his affections?

3. β€˜Goody Two-Shoes’ Heroine


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How is she a compelling and interesting heroine if she isn’t a completely passive girl who hasn’t got a role to play in the show other than being her husband’s wife? Let’s also not forget her most conveniently used dialogues which are: “acha ap fresh hojaien mein khana lagati hoon” and “mein aap kay liye chai lati hoon

4. Saas Bahu Fights

A happy marriage where daughters are taught that they are respected as human beings and not burdened with taking care of the entire family? Not in this space. A typical desi drama would depict brides being called “awaragard” or “headstrong” if they are seen enjoying their life after getting married, but would say that a good woman is the one who is consistently abused by the household members and is made responsible for every single duty in her home.

5. Cat Fights

Our entertainment industry firmly follows the mantra: “aurat hi aurat ki sabse bari dushman hoti hai” so what makes a more convenient plot than pitting two women against each other to claim over a man?

Let’s all remember that we need to be critical about the kind of content our entertainment industry is producing because these are influential people who are educating the masses because they have a public platform which people are looking up to. So the next time an influential person dismisses their history of creating misogynist or racist shows by saying “they are not educating audiences but they are entertainers”, remember what actor Sania Saeed had to say about art not just being produced for entertainment but also having a political role:

“The art that we create isn’t just for the sake of entertainment but it also has a political role. The purpose of creating art is to help our audiences reflect on the society that we live within and encourage them to overcome differences and understand tolerance and empathy. We need more shows which are not afraid of making us uncomfortable because they tell us the truth about the society that we are living within.”