On his birthday, we celebrate Shamoon Sultan’s business brilliance at Khaadi

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

Shamoon SultanIn the dynamic yet saturated fabric of Pakistan’s fashion scene, one brand has consistently risen above the rest, proving its mettle time and again—Khaadi, the brainchild of Shamoon Sultan. Shamoon’s efforts in transforming Khaadi into a brand of the masses that not only has a local presence but has propelled to international acclaim display his quintessential grasp of his craft.

Sultan’s sharp acumen and wits have played a pivotal role in steering Khaadi to the forefront of the retail industry. What truly sets him apart as a trailblazer is his service to the women of Pakistan. His skill in meeting the diverse demands of women nationwide is commendable, all the while seamlessly integrating, safeguarding, and promoting the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan.

Sultan’s business prowess is reflected in Khaadi’s strategic approach to market dynamics. He stands as a pioneer when it comes to navigating the ever-changing and evolving volatile fashion preferences of consumers. Khaadi’s success is a testament to Sultan’s forward-thinking strategies, ensuring the brand remains relevant and appealing to a wide audience.

The Indus Valley graduate boasts unparalleled textile prowess; evident from his focus on eco-friendly and sustainable practices as well. We stan a sustainable king! With an increased global focus on environmentally friendly practices, it is great to see a brand emphasize the importance of responsible production and consumption behavior.

His indelible mark as a textile and business icon serves as a precedent for young enthusiasts who dream of treading the same path as him. In the year 2020, when the pandemic hit, we had the opportunity to have a one-on-one with Shamoon Sultan where he highlighted the vision for his brand.

He said:

For Khaadi, I strongly believe innovation is key. We must use this time to reinvent what we do and how we do it—bring our audiences new alternatives, add new value and in the process reinvent our ways of working. As an industry, our support for one another has never been so crucial. Coming together to showcase Pakistan’s best in the world of fashion reflects the true power of creative inspiration and, more importantly for Khaadi, one of resilience.”

Indeed, he proves what he says! On his birthday today, we celebrate him and his glory.
A very happy birthday, Shamoon; you inspire us every day.