Noor Mukadam’s family appeals to Supreme Court for final verdict against Zahir Jaffer




Noor Mukadam’s family and friends recently held a seminar against the rising epidemic of femicide in her memory, making an appeal to the Supreme Court to swiftly give the final verdict so that justice can be carried out.

The seminar was held in Islamabad where Noor’s father pressed the need for a prompt final judgement on the case, expressing his faith in the Pakistani justice system. He spoke at length about the ordeal of his daughter’s cold-blooded murder, and why the #NoorMukadam case is no longer about Noor alone, and has now become about all Pakistani women!


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A friend of Noor wrote about the seminar saying “This was the first time I have been in Pakistan for her birthday since she was murdered, the last time I saw her we spent the day together. This year I did see a piece of her though, in her father. My god, she looked a lot like him. Tall, graceful and soft spoken. This was my first time seeing uncle speak at a seminar in person, just a few feet away, and honestly I’m just shattered. I’m shattered that he has go recount this ordeal step by step listing dates spanning over multiple years. I’m shattered that instead of getting reassurance from others he instead has to stand in front of a crowd and convince them to have faith.
I’m shattered that it’s taking so long.

When faced with such a difficult path you realize one thing though, and uncle is the biggest example of this-when you’ve lost everything, all you can have is faith. We will never get Noor back, we will never see her sitting across the table smiling as she daydreams. But what we can have is faith. That’s a choice we make everyday because it’s not just about Noor anymore, this is about all of us.” Currently, the case awaits a verdict from the Supreme Court.