No place to dump waste in Islamabad: Capital Development Authority



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The Capital Development Authority has said that there is no waste management scheme in Islamabad and neither does it have any land or site that can be used for disposal of trash. 🚨

The situation was revealed at a hearing in the Islamabad High Court earlier this week.

On February 4, a group of residents filed a petition against the CDA and the Pakistan Environment Protection Agency for dumping of waste in Sector H-16, a residential area. In its defence, the authority said that the responsibility of waste disposal falls under the domain of the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad but the federal government has temporarily handed over its responsibility to the local government.

Eariler in 2017, Mayor of Islamabad and Chairman CDA Sheikh Anser Aziz said that with the establishment modern solid waste management system, a promise would be fulfilled which was made to the residents during the first ever local bodies election in the Federal capital.