Nimra from TV is trending on Twitter for all the right reasons!



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Source: City 42

A girl by the name of ‘Nimra’ is currently trending on Twitter. While many of you may be slightly confused as to why, here’s a little backstory for you.

On a show aired on a local television channel, a girl by the name of Nimra made an appearance who took the audience by surprise with her zest for life, charged energy and over-the-top excitement as she kept the audience entertained with her lively persona while her dream of appearing on television materialised.

Watch Nimra live her best life below:

In the current extraordinary times, while the masses are generally struggling to keep up with life, Nimra’s energy and zest for life is no doubt an energy dose in itself! Just watching her live in the moment and appreciating the mere opportunity to appear on television makes us wonder, there’s so much to be happy and grateful about yet more often than not, we tend to let the ‘not-so-good’ get the best of us!

Nimra came as a reality check to the people, no doubt! Here’s how Twitter is reacting to the happy star:

Pyar Ke Sadqay actress Yumna Zaidi also took notice of the hashtag #Nimra and compared her to her character Mahjabeen from the drama serial!

Nimra is clearly a pure soul, oozing with innocence! We wish her a ton loads of happiness and thank her for giving Pakistan a nudge to self-reflect and perhaps live life just little more in these strange times!