Nida Yasir: “I like talking to different people, so I’m very grateful that my job has given me this chance”

Nida Yasir opened up about her show Good Morning Pakistan and shared what goes on behind the scenes!

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Nida Yasir sat down for an interview with BBC Urdu where she opened up about her experience as a morning show host for “Good Morning Pakistan” and the lessons she had learned from it. Opening up about the details that go on behind the scenes, Nida said that she believes in entertaining her audience and tries to invite everyone she knows are loved by the people, and tries to make sure they are comfortable when conversing with her:

“I know that people say that every time a show is gaining popularity, they are suddenly invited to Nida Yasir’s show. I take it as a compliment because I try my best to make sure that my audiences are entertained. I have a degree in hotel management so I consistently try to make sure that I am engaged with the audience and with the people I have invited for interviews. People will speak to me in any sort of manner or accent, and I try to make sure that they feel comfortable with me. I enjoy talking to people a lot so I’m really grateful that my show allows me to follow my interests.”



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Nida Yasir also clarified a critique people had raised about her show and the constant absence of masks among her audience members, about which she said that she takes a lot of precautions since she and her husband had contracted Covid-19 as well:

“I do observe social distancing on my shows as I sit far away from the people I have invited over for interviews. I don’t wear a mask while the show is airing because I think it would look quite strange. Also, my husband and I had contracted the virus so I take necessary precautions to ensure that I am safe.”

Nida Yasir also spoke about her opinion on public displays of affection, and said that she wished it would be encouraged more often as couples should express their love for each other. She also spoke about her experience of encouraging her husband to do the same:

“I love it when couples express their love for each other because I think that it’s an important thing to do. I am trying to encourage my husband to do the same by getting me a flower every day. This one time when we were walking around the colony together, he suddenly went and got me a bunch of flowers and said those were for a week!”

On the challenges she had faced while doing live morning shows, Nida said that she feels anxious every time she finishes an episode about whether something she did might have offended people or not:

“I think that when an ordinary person commits a mistake, its not easily noticeable and you can apologize and move on. But if you’re a celebrity and a mistake you made was caught on camera, then it keeps coming up and never lets go. Every time after I have completed an episode, I am so anxious that I literally get body aches, because I’m so worried that I did something that might offend people.”

You can watch the complete video below:


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