Nida Yasir faces social media backlash after asking parents of a 5 year old rape victim to recall the incident!

Rafai Zaman

Rafai Zaman

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The number of sexual harassment and rape cases are considerably increasing day by day. In the past week we have seen numerous cases in Pakistan. The news that shattered everyone’s hearts last week was that of a 5 year old minor Marwa who was a resident of Karachi. People all over Pakistan mourned the incident and asked for justice for the little girl. While some people gave Marwah’s parents the space to mourn, Nida Yasir decided to invite them on her show. Pakistani television host Nida Yasir has been facing major backlash all over social media. The actress cum host invited the parents of a five year old rape victim Marwah to her show ‘Good Morning Pakistan’ and asked them to narrate the incident all over again on live television.

Without further ado here’s what the twitterati’s had to say about the whole situation:

People started talking about banning the show.

Someone spoke about how sometimes the search for ratings can bring out your insensitive side.

It looks like many people want her show banned.

TRP’S versus sensitivity. Shouldn’t we be human’s first?

Anger against the host is everywhere.