New Chai ad featuring Syra Yousuf breaks stereotypes!

Shanzay Salman

Shanzay Salman

Features Editor
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TV actor Syra Yousuf has raised the bar for girls with her new tea advertisement, and after ages of battered down housewives serving tea to their husbands, the ad shows a long-awaited role reversal.

This time round in 2021 it is Syra who gets late because of a long day at work, and upon her return home audiences get to see 3….2…..1….. Ahmed Ali Akbar serving tea to his tired wife, pushing audiences towards gender equality and shared responsibility in marriage. Way to go!!! Now, all the other tea brands can also take a cue from here.

With audiences getting to see Syra Yousuf in a fresh, new light with all her recent projects and after her divorce with Shahroze Sabzwari, it seems like the actor is all set to destroy the age-old stereotype of women losing everything after calling off a marriage.

Recently, the actor with her edgy looks also sported in a soap ad encouraging girls to become “tough” in order to stay “safe”. Doing stunts with a boxing bag Syra inspires all girls to stay healthy and fit!

We are all eager and excited to see what’s up the pipeline in her upcoming projects. Way to go girl!!!! For now, you all can scroll down to see her in this tea advert.