Netizens on Twitter observe Haya Day on 14th February



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Pakistanis are an inventive nation. We’ve all had enough proof to believe this up till now, but this time we have come up with an all new, all innovative twist on the old Valentine’s Day.

In an Islamic masterstroke, Twitteratis have decided to replace the concept of this day for love, into a day for good old-fashioned ‘Haya‘ meaning modesty, calling it Haya Day…Now that’s something truly original…no? While many may agree we are charting some of the tweets by desi Twitter as to Haya Day needs to be observed instead of Valentine’s day!

Say ‘NO’ to Valentine’s Day, obviously

Be Modest

It is ‘Haraam’!

Disrespects Nikkah

Ofcourse, It’s a Western Propaganda

A perfect example of pseudo-religiosity that is unfortunately too common in our part of the world. While love shouldn’t be confined to one day, does it hold true to observe Haya Day to promote modesty only on a specific day?