‘Need for artists to honour their cultural heritage’: Abu Aleeha draws comparison between Ali Sethi and Diljit Doshanjh

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Film director Abu Aleeha made a stirring statement when he drew a comparison between Pakistani singer Ali Sethi, and the Indian rapper Diljit Doshanjh in regards to how the two honour their cultural roots. Diljit made waves on social media when he made an appearance on the famous Jimmy Fallon talk show, where he was seen wearing the traditional Punjabi outfit and drew praises from the internet.

Taking to his Instagram account, the ‘Taxali Gate’ director wrote: “Diljit Dosanjh’s global success showcases the power of cultural pride, as he rose to international fame by proudly promoting Punjabi language and traditional attire.”

“In contrast,” wrote the director, “Ali Sethi’s performance at Coachella, where he sang a Punjabi song but adopted a Barbie-doll-like appearance, highlights the importance of authentic cultural representation.”

This example refutes the notion that Pakistanis don’t support their artists, instead emphasizing the need for artists to honor their cultural heritage genuinely.”



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Ali Sethi stirred some controversy on the internet back in April 2023 when on the Coachella performance, he was seen wearing an angrakha during his performance.



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A user on X (formerly Twitter) educated audiences to remember that the Angrakha was not a feminine outfit, but a style of clothing that had been commonly worn among the Mughal emperors.