Nausheen Shah defends Noor Bukhari on headscarf picture

Shanzay Salman

Shanzay Salman

Features Editor
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Actor Nausheen Shah has come to Noor Bukhari’s defence after netizens criticized Noor for not wearing her hijab the ‘right way’. “How many women do we have in our country who wear hijab? Out of 100 not even thirty percent,” asked Nausheen.


Discouraging people from judging and hating, Nausheen wrote “Sitting behind computer and writing is much more easier than wearing full clothes and keeping mouth shut”. She also expressed her opinion that people should be encouraging Noor for covering her head, and making the effort to do so, instead of focusing on criticism.

The social media criticism sparked when Noor Bukhari uploaded a picture of herself wearing a fashionable headscarf at her friend’s wedding. The actress only shared a happy picture of herself , congratulating her friend on the wedding but netizens seemed to be filled with disapproval, rebuking Noor for not wearing her hijab the ‘right way’, among other things.


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After all the criticism Noor closed the comments section on Instagram, slamming all the haters saying she is answerable to Allah only and those who have issues looking at her hijab should look away!

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