Naseem Shah called out by Twitter for fat shaming fellow cricketer




Naseem Shah is being called out by Twitter for fat shaming fellow cricketer Azam Khan, as netizens seem disappointed by his behavior during an official match.  Fans are complaining that what Shah did is ‘bullying’ not ‘teasing’, as they expected better from Shah than to ridicule and make fun of people for the way they look!

19-year old Shah was called out after a video from a Bangladesh Premiere League match between the Khulna Tigers and Comilla Victorians began circulating on social media.  The video showed Shah following Khan, holding his arms around himself to mimic Khan’s walk and body size.

Netizens are particularly unhappy as Azam Khan has spoken about the issue before in several interviews, sharing that “comments on his weight bother him & “friends” is no excuse.”

Many are of the view that Shah’s young age aside, him being a national team member is reason enough for him to have better sense. Others added that even at 19, they had the sense to know what is funny and what is simply not!