Nand : Did Rabi Land Herself In Hot Water ?!

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas

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Nand : Did Rabi Land Herself In Hot Water ?!

Nand has been airing on Ary Digital, starring Minal Khan, Shahroz Sabzwari, Aijaz Aslam and Faiza Hassan in lead roles.

The drama started off on a very light note where Minal Khan (Rabi) gets married to Shahroz ( Saqib) and who start their married life very happily together. Faiza (Gohar) who is the villian of the drama and around whom the main story revolves, manipulates her brother and make him divorce his wife Rabi just in a short time.

Gohar who is playing the evil ‘nand’ in the drama is now stuck as she opts for separation from her husband after accusing him of having an extra maritial affair with Rabi.

As their second brother gets married, his wife takes a stand for herself and shows Gohar’s true face to both her brother-in-law and husband.

The drama took a massive turn where Rabi being tired of the society, takes a decision to get married to Gohar’s husband, Jahangir (Aijaz Aslam).

Some how because of her decision now everyone is believeing Gohar and assuming her accusations to be true.

Will Rabi ever be able to prove herself innocent? Will this marriage land her in hot water?

We are curious to know how the drama unfolds further and how will Rabi prove herself innocent.


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