Nand continues to keep fans hooked

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas


Nand continues to keep the audience hooked with brilliant performances!!

Nand has been airing on Ary digital with Minal Khan, Sheroz Sabzwari , Aijaz Aslam and Faiza Hassan in lead roles. When the drama started alot complained for it being a very typical script, having the same “saas nand bahu” drama that our television industry has been showing.

The drama does not have a very different story and we might agree with the fact that it is a very typical story line but we must appreciate the director and writer who have managed to keep the audience hooked to it from Monday to Thursday and the drama has been trending on the social media because if its strong characters.

The drama comes up with a new turn every time by the Gohar (Faiza Hassan ) who is playing the character of an evil  ‘nand’ in the drama. As for now when Rabi (Minal Khan) has been married to Gohar’s husband, Jahangir (Aijaz Aslam), Gohar just wants to once again ruin Rabi’s marriage.

Gohar’s character has been in the limelight as she has been the one who is now ruinning her second brother’s marriage as well and we must say that she has been brilliant while performing her role.

Saqib on the other hand is now a ray of hope in the drama as once again he is becoming aware of his sister’s evil tricks to destroy their brother’s marriage.

The drama still has alot to unfold but despite its typical script it has gained immense popularity and because of each character’s fabulous performance it has kept the audience hooked to it.


The drama took a great initiative in which they also tried to show how we need to teach our children especially our daughters to not to trust any random person. Rabi’s sister-in-law loses her husband and faces some harsh realities of our society and tries to educate her daughter to stay away from men around her.

Fans just cant wait to see how the tables will turn in the drama and when Gohar will be served with Karma and how Rabi will finally get what she deserves.


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