Naimal Khawar’s beauty tips for a glowing skin!

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas

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With the passage of time every women out there has started to realize the importance of having a nice, clear skin as it acts as a canvas to your makeup as well. From the time when women used to buy products to hide their imperfections and pigmentation on the skin, now they have started to actually buy good skin care products to cure their skin problems first. Dewy, glowing, luminous were the terms idealized and were first just achieved through makeup products. Since the concept of glass kin has been introduced by the Korean skin-care brands women have started taking care of their skin with good products to make their skin look glowy and smooth without the help of makeup products.

Naimal Khawar Khan who just got a lot of fame after her drama serial ‘Anaa’ on Hum TV and then when she got married to Hamza Ali Abbasi,  is being admired for her flawless kin and rosy pink cheeks and lips. She took on instagram to reply to all the messages got regarding her skin care routine.

Naimal has shared three amazing beauty tips for you all to achieve a naturally healthy and  glowing skin.

Source: Facebook/ Essential Life

Water:                                                                                                                                                                   She has emphasized on drinking a lot of water. As we know that water not only keeps our body hydrated it removes all the toxins from our body as well. When the body is cleansed from inside of course it is seen on the outer layer of the skin as well. She further added to avoid caffeine as much as you all can as it drys up the body from inside.


Naimal says that she moisturizes her skin after every five minutes which is a bit too much to do on a daily basis for many women out there and this might not be a good idea for women with oily skin but we think that tip works amazingly for her as Naimal’s skin is always glowing. A moisturizer followed by a sun screen is very important as the skin needs to stay hydrated to look flawless and then only it can be a good canvas for you to have a smooth application of makeup.


A good makeup-remover:

We definitely agree to this! Removing your makeup is very important and if you are going to sleep with your makeupo on it can lead to many  skin problems such as fine lines, pigmentation, dryness etc. A good makeup-remover is a must for all, followed by a good night time regime!

Invest in good skin oils:

Naimal has some tips for this as well, as she thinks coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil can be great for your skin. She emphasized on getting these oils from someone who can provide pure oils to you. She further added that her mother always got these pure oils for her which she regularly massage into her skin.

Hope you all enjoyed reading it!