Nadia Jamil: “Adoption is a tough but a wonderful process to undergo”

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Within Pakistan, there is a set notion that only a child born from the mother and a father is considered a part of their family, whereas an adopted child is not. But the truth is that whether you’re child is adopted or not, there is no one way to create a family. You can become a parent not just through having a biological child, but also through choosing to adopt a child who is not your blood but you choose to make them your family.

Nadia Jamil is breaking apart this notion by announcing on social media that she has adopted a child, and also went in to detail about the procedure she had to go under to make this happen. The actor revealed that she had to answer tough questions about her financial situation, mental health, and even family background. But she revealed that this was a worthwhile process that every parent must undergo, in order to prove that they are capable enough to become parents

“Adoption is a wonderful way 2 hv a child.I found it a tougher “Labour”process 2 go through than biological birthing.Nerve wracking assessments/waiting! Imagine if biological parents were interviewed/checked 4 maturity,parenting skills,financial security & dedication the same way!”

We have drama after drama written about marriage and motherhood and wiring it in to our brains that you’re only a parent through having a biological child. It’s time our dramas took some inspiration from women like Nadia and also encouraged Pakistanis to understand that adopting a child can also make you a family.