Nadia Hussain educates women on their Islamic nikahnama rights in marriage

The actress urged women to pay attention to CLAUSE 18 of their nikahnama




Pakistani TV actress, host and supermodel Nadia Hussain Khan recently called attention to the Islamic nikahnama, and the legal rights women possess under it, in order to raise awareness about the care, protection and respect provided to Muslim women as their birthright by our religion, Islam.

In her Instagram post, Nadia urges women to pay attention to CLAUSE 18 of their nikahnama before signing it, informing them to not have it crossed out without their permission or knowledge. She explains that in this clause the husband grants full rights to his wife for seeking out divorce, under the conditions one states on their nikahnama. These are usually stated as being a three-time divorce, anywhere and anytime the wife decides to do so.

 Educating women about the Islamic Nikahnama as per the Muslim Family Ordinance 1961, she writes “ALL WOMEN SHOULD KNOW ABOUT CLAUSE 18 of the nikahnama and DO NOT GET IT CROSSED OUT WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION OR KNOWLEDGE!!!.”

Nadia also added that where it was not her intention to create any ill-feelings in any way, she does consider it necessary for all women to know that they have all the power and rights to exit a toxic marriage.

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