Nadia Hussain defends statement on there being no criteria for models today



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Supermodel Nadia Hussain recently took to Instagram to defend her statement on there being no criteria for models saying the newer wave of models lack ‘an educated background or class.’

The controversy erupted when, appearing on Time out with Ahsan Khan, the TV actress and host got called out for her comments on newer of models saying “[The new models] weren’t educated. They didn’t have class or a personality”.

While Nadia‘s point about there no longer being a proper criteria for models seemed reasonable, and we may even agree with her up until that point- her claim that only people who are ‘educated’ should be allowed into the entertainment industry- sounded unjust and bigoted. For a country like Pakistan- where whether one gets educated or not depends on whether or not they are born into a family where an education is affordable or not. Where education is not just a matter of choice, but a matter of privilege!

In such an environment, Nadia’s repeated usage of the word ‘class’ seemed to quite literally be making the case for only a certain small financial “class” being deserving of all the opportunities and good things the entertainment industry has to offer. However, she seemed to be quite unaware of what she seemed to be suggesting- that people be denied fame or good name simply because of not having enough money!

Not surprisingly, the model’s comments sparked outrage over social media where many called her out for her remarks, to which Nadia Hussain issued a statement where she writes: ‘There is no denying that education sets you apart’.


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