My mom is one of the people who keeps me grounded: Iqra Aziz

she discussed relationship with her mom and what sparked her interest in acting!

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Iqra Aziz sat down with BBC Urdu today to discuss her childhood and what sparked her ambition to become an actress. Among these topics, the actress spoke warmly about her mom and revealed how proud she had been the day she became Careem’s first female driver:

“My mom use to work in a parlor before and then she quit for a year. Later she chose to work for Careem because she was bored and was the type of person who wanted to remain busy with something. When appi and I found out that she had joined Careem, we were immensely proud of her because no one has the guts to pursue something she was doing.”

Iqra also elaborated on how her mom is one of the people who kept giving her reality checks and is the reason why she still remains the down-to-earth and practical person she was before becoming an actress:

“My mom is an important part of my life because she is someone who keeps giving me reality checks to make sure I don’t lose my sense of self. When ever I am visiting her, I do my own cooking and cleaning and especially when I am in my own house. I had previously lived in a three bedroom flat and watched how she would always remain grateful and say ‘Alhumdulilah‘ because of the things we have.”

Iqra Aziz further discussed in the interview how she came to realize that she had a passion for acting and talked about her childhood when she would dress up and dance along to Bollywood songs. She re-called the moment when she was in 10th grade and had told her mother about her desire to become an actress and quit school, and needed her sister’s help in persuading her:

“Ever since I was a child, I was always very naughty and would dress up in an elaborate manner in front of the mirror and then perform to a Bollywood song. But when I was in tenth grade, that’s when I remember I told my mother that I wanted to become an actress. She had said no because she didn’t want me to abandon my education like that. So I sought my elder sister’s help in order to persuade her to let me join the industry and then she agreed.”

You can watch the complete interview below: