‘My heart goes out to Israel’: Kangana Ranaut vocalizes her stance on G@z@ conflict

Ranaut addresses Hamas as the ‘Ravan’ of present times.




In a surprising turn of events, Indian actor Kangana Ranaut publicly expressed her stance on the G@z@ conflict, and her support for Israel saying ‘My heart goes out to Israel’. Amidst the ongoing wave of attacks by Israel on Palestine, the actor addressed Hamas as the ‘Ravan’ of present times.

Recently visiting Delhi, Ranaut met the Ambassador of Israel Naor Gilon and talked about the ongoing crisis between Israel and Hamas.

Sharing part of her conversation from the meeting, Kangana tweeted, “My heart goes out to Israel. Our hearts are bleeding too.”

The actor also shared a video clip from her conversation with Israel’s ambassador to India, Naor Gilon writing “I have been vocal about my support to Israel and Jews, and way before the massacres by terrorists started, I have been very vocal. As a Hindu nation, the Hindu genocides that have continued for centuries, we identify a lot with Jews and we strongly believe as we deserve a Bharat dedicated to Hindus, Jews also deserve one nation and they can’t give us one that land is rather very inhumane and stingy of the Islamic world where they have 2nd largest amount of countries in the whole globe which is primarily dominated by the Christian countries. So I think what you guys are fighting for is rightfully yours and we as a Hindu nation, we stand in Israel’s support.”

As the world watches these events unfold, Ranaut’s public endorsement of Israel has both shocked and encouraged people.