Music event organized by US Consulate cancelled after pro-Palestine event erupts at GCU




An event organised by the United States consulate was cancelled at the Government College University on Thursday after it was stormed by pro-Palestine protests. The event was set to feature a performance by the American band ‘Raining Jane’, who were also performing at the Lahore US Consulate centre on Tuesday when pro-Palestine protests were taking place outside.

The Progressive Students Collective shared videos of the protests taking place on campus. The GCU administration had directed all faculty members and students to attend the function which was to be held at the Bukhari Auditorium at 2 pm.

Progressive Students Collective revealed the administration was demanding students to apologise and give an undertaking on stamp paper within an hour, but the students have refused to do so and remain firm in their solidarity.

“The student cards of the aforementioned students have been confiscated, and they are now being threatened with strict action. Nevertheless, the Progressive Students Collective stands firm with the students on their stance!”


According to AAJ news, the GCU Vice Chancellor Shazia Bashir said no action was taken against the protesters, as they had only been warned of strict action. No pressure was inflicted upon the students who had formed a rally to protest against the event.

This event follows the rise of student led revolts across campuses in the US, UK, France and other countries. Students from universities like Columbia, Brown and UCLA have called for their campuses to divest from investing in companies related to Israel, and to stop funding the on going genocide in Gaza.