Ms. Marvel finally provides Muslims with fair & balanced portrayal on-screen: Mehwish Hayat




With the release of six episodes of “Ms. Marvel”, actress Mehwish Hayat talks to Disney Central about Ms. Marvel finally breaking barriers through providing Muslims with fair & balanced portrayal on-screen.

When asked about whether the show gives a correct representation of Pakistani culture, Mehwish said “As a Pakistani, as a Muslim, I would always get frustrated by the way we were misrepresented on screen, in the West, in Bollywood. If ever there was a Muslim character, they would always be the troublemaker, our women would be subjugated and there was a lot of misconception around us. I spoke about it on a lot platforms, globally.”

Elaborating on how Ms. Marvel finally breaks barriers- creating a bridge between the East and the West, she shared that when the role was offered to her she thought “Wow, that is an answer to all my prayers. This is what was needed because I always asked for a fair, balanced portrayal and this show does exactly that. People get to see Muslim culture, understand our cultural struggles and norms.”

The actress also spoke about her character Aisha, the representation of Muslims on the show, the differences working in Hollywood and Pakistani entertainment industry, and Iman Vellani’s acting debut. Scroll down to watch the full interview.