Mother’s Day Posts to lighten up your day!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

It’s Mother’s Day today and we celebrate it simply as we’re still under lock down. We hope you’re helping your mom out with the iftari today. Bake for her, her favorite cake or just give her the tightest hug. We thought let’s turn the day even more sweeter by cute tweets and posts that helped us get in the mood.
Scroll down for our favorites:

Princess Diana breaking protocol to take part in her son’s Mothers Day running race at school.
Sesame Street, always and forever! Near or far, forever in our hearts!

All around us, everywhere, all the time! We love you Mama!

Here’s the story of an inspiring mother who rescues refugee children and gives them a chance at family again.

To all the Mommies who made sure we reached our practices on time, reached all the tuitions on time and fought with the guard to let us in when we were late, we love you!

Hope you’re trying your best to give your mom a happy day she deserves. Think about her a lot and try to never take her for granted. She loves you more than you can imagine. Try to  reciprocate. Happy Mother’s Day!
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