Motherhood & pregnancy is beautiful, nothing to hide: Armeena Khan schools trolls to stop sexualizing women’s bodies

Shanzay Salman

Shanzay Salman

Features Editor

“Motherhood & pregnancy is beautiful, nothing to hide”, wrote actress Armeena Khan as she schooled online trolls to stop sexualizing women’s bodies, after they posted perverse comments under a pregnancy photo-shoot she had recently shared.

The Jannan actress had shared pictures of her beautiful baby bump with her husband, in a unique gender reveal idea for her to-be-born, when some perverse men could not help themselves from falling flat on ideas like “foreign culture”, “shameful act” and “no words for our moral values and society”.


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Armeena rightly called out “hypocrites” saying “You do everything, literally EVERYTHING behind closed doors and there’s a name for that HYPOCRISY”, she also added “there’s nothing shameful about something so natural, so kindly stop sexualizing women’s bodies. Motherhood & pregnancy is beautiful, nothing to hide”.

The actress, who is known for raising her voice on important societal issues has raised a worrisome aspect which oftentimes stigmatizes all that is natural about women and their bodies, to the extent of sexualizing something as innate and natural as giving birth to another human being!

We wish Armeena Khan the best of luck and warmest of wishes for her pregnancy and healthy and happiness for her to-be-born.👶🏽