More Than Just Dresses: Mohsin Naveed Ranjha on the Power of Bridal Design




Mohsin Naveed Ranjha, the visionary designer, continues to soar globally while maintaining strong demand in Pakistan.

We had the privilege of a one-on-one interview with him as he unveils his latest majestic collection- The Gold Series: Hussan Ara Mansion.

The photoshoot for “Hussan Ara Mansion” has a distinctly majestic feel. What was the vision behind the shoot, and how did you bring it to life?

The “Hussan Ara Mansion” photoshoot was driven by a desire to capture a specific atmosphere- it was about crafting a narrative, a world where the past and present intertwined seamlessly.  We sought to weave a subtler narrative. Intricate tattoos, inspired by the time-worn traditions of Sindhi women, the old colonial buildings in Karachi were incorporated as a way to pay homage to the region’s cultural tapestry. These subtle details, like whispers of a forgotten language, added depth and intrigue to the overall story.

To translate this vision into reality, we were fortunate to collaborate with some of the industry’s leading talents. Rizwan ul Haq, a photographer of exceptional skill, became our visual storyteller, capturing the essence of the collection through his lens.  We partnered with Team Nabila, whose artistry in hair and makeup is unparalleled, to create looks that flowed with a sense of effortless elegance.  The ever-sophisticated Khoji oversaw the styling, ensuring each piece came alive on our muse,  Sadaf Kanwal.

MNR boasts a loyal clientele; they love signature MNR style and aura. Having said that, evolving designs and processes are a part of any expanding business. How do you approach that?

Maintaining our signature style while evolving our designs is indeed a delicate balance. Our approach involves a deep understanding of our roots and our clientele’s expectations. We stay true to our signature blend of traditional and contemporary elements but continuously seek new inspirations and techniques to innovate. Each collection reflects an evolution in our motifs and designs, pushing boundaries and taking more risks. By doing so, we ensure that while our work remains recognizable, it also feels fresh and exciting.

Your brand’s story is intriguing, with you handling the design aspect like a pro and your brother managing operations with such panache. How does this dynamic influence the brand’s success and creativity?

The dynamic between my brother and I is pivotal to MNR’s success. That’s kind of how MNR works. We totally play to each other’s strengths. He’s a whiz at keeping things running smoothly, while I’m all about bringing new ideas to life. This lets us both shine – he keeps the ship afloat, and I make sure it looks amazing. It’s a good sibling team-up, you know? We push each other to be better, and that’s what keeps MNR moving forward and surprising everyone with fresh collections.

MNR designs reign supreme across Pakistan and now on a global scale as well with a store in London. How does this collection address the distinctive tastes of different cultures?

London was a real eye-opener! We learned so much about what brides from all over the world are looking for. That’s why the Hussan Ara Mansion collection is kind of a mix-and-match dream. We have classic Pakistani details that we love, but also modern touches that feel fresh and new. Plus, the fabrics we picked are perfect for all kinds of weather – no matter if it’s a beach wedding or a fancy ballroom. It’s all about giving brides choices, you know? They can pick pieces that reflect their heritage and personal style, all while celebrating the beauty of Pakistani craftsmanship.

Can you share any insights into the materials and craftsmanship that went into curating this collection? Walk us through your creative process for “Hussan Ara Mansion.” How was it different from the process behind previous collections?

The “Hussan Ara Mansion” collection involved meticulous planning and execution. We handpicked luxurious fabrics such as silks, cotton nets, and organzas, ensuring they drape beautifully and provide comfort. Our creative process began with months of brainstorming, drawing inspiration from historical costumes, trend forecasts, and client feedback. We also worked closely with our suppliers to create custom weaves and dyes. This collection stands out due to its intricate craftsmanship and the evolution of our motifs and designs, reflecting a higher level of detail and refinement compared to previous collections.

The collection is being rightfully remarked as the collection of the year. The attention to detail speaks for itself, and every piece has its own unique charm. However, from a designer’s perspective, did any piece from this collection become your personal favorite?

While every piece in the “Hussan Ara Mansion” collection holds a special place in my heart, one particular ensemble stands out. The bridal ensemble featuring lush, deep jewel tones and intricate embroidery is my personal favorite. You will see more unexpected combinations, more finer craftsmanship. It perfectly encapsulates the essence of the collection, blending tradition with a modern twist. The combination of opulent colors and detailed craftsmanship makes it a standout piece that embodies the vision and effort that went into creating this collection.

MNR stands tall as a trailblazer of a brand with family values ingrained every step of the way. How has your family’s involvement shaped MNR into the pioneering brand it is today, with its core values deeply rooted in family traditions?

Family values have been at the core of MNR since its inception. My family’s involvement has provided a strong foundation and a sense of continuity that has shaped the brand’s identity. We can bounce ideas off each other, but we also respect each other’s opinions. This helps us keep things fresh (think new designs!) while still honoring where we came from (think beautiful pieces inspired by our heritage). It’s kind of a secret weapon – that mix of old and new, all held together by family. That’s what really makes MNR special, I think.

The last time we interviewed you, you had recently opened your new store in Karachi. This time, we see you with a bridal collection that is all the rage. What should we expect when we interview you next?

We’re excited to keep growing! After our Karachi store’s success and the Hussan Ara Mansion collection launch, we’re setting our sights on new markets and even more clothes. We’re also constantly creating new designs to suit all kinds of styles. Great quality, fresh ideas, and celebrating our heritage will always be what keeps us pushing forward, making sure each new collection is even better than the last.