Momina Mustehsan praises PM Imran Khan for highlighting crisis in Ukraine at the OIC

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Singer Momina Mustehsan took to Twitter to praise Prime Minister Imran Khan for highlighting the ongoing crisis in Ukraine at the Organization of Islamic Conference, and had also requested the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to help in forming a solution to prevent the war from prolonging.

“Thank you @ImranKhanPTI for highlighting the crisis in #Ukraine and for imploring @OIC_OCI members, in particular Chinese Foreign Minister #WangYi in a one-on-one with him, to figure out possible solutions to save Human Lives and the global economy from plunging #OICInPakistan”

Momina also praised Imran Khan for reminding the audience of the ongoing war conflicts taking place in Afghanistan, Kashmir, and Palestine, and said that she was proud that the PM was ensuring everyone that their political stance would remain on the side of the oppressed

“@ImranKhanPTI spoke about Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan & also Ukraine. I don’t support any political party, but as a Pakistani, Im proud of my Head of State for communicating clearly the stance of the people of Pakistan &our desire to find ways to end atrocities #OICInPakistan”