Mohammad Rizwan’s duurfie with Indian fan has the internet in love




The Pakistani cricket team’s super performance in the match against India has audiences in awe of the team, and as fans rushed to take selfies and autographs from the winning team an Indian fan’s encounter with Mohammad Rizwan has the internet in love.

The female fan supposedly asked Rizwan for a selfie, but the cricketer who is famous for not being a fan of taking selfies with female fans as he says he doesn’t consider himself worthy of it seemed reluctant. Still, whatever his reasons may have been, Rizwan was too polite to directly turn down the request of his fan, resulting in what appeared to be a ‘duurfie’ instead of a selfie.


According to Rizwan, he does not feel comfortable taking pictures with females as he feels women have a status much above him. He feels they are much more worthy of respect than he is, and so who is he to take a picture with them or give them an autograph.

 Among the cricketer’s rare habit, another also seems to be that no matter how physically sick he may seem to be, he somehow adjusts himself right before the match, gets to the pitch and serves the team and country by playing like a pro.