Mobile phones, junk food and energy drinks banned across Punjab schools




The Punjab School Education Department (PSED) on Friday, banned mobile phones, junk food and energy drinks in all private schools across the province, as reported by ARY.

The notification issued by the Education Department has instructed administrators to strictly enforce the new guidelines within the premises of private schools across the province. Monitoring teams will frequently visit private schools to ensure adherence to the new policies and check that changes have been implemented.

The new policy comes as a much-needed change amongst the changing culture of private schools where little to no care was being given to the nutritional value of school lunch being offered at school canteens. Mobile phone usage in schools are also a menace, as ringing noises or text message alerts create unending distractions and disrupt learning and school work.

In line with these effects, most countries have already banned junk food and sodas, along with cell phones in schools.