Minal Khan wants society to stop pressuring new moms to lose weight

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Actress Minal Khan is being lauded by the internet for bluntly speaking about the pressures and body insecurities a new mother undergoes. The ‘Ishq Hai’ actress uploaded a post on her Instagram account where she posed with her baby boy, and spoke about the struggles of accepting the new realities that came with child care.

“After 8 months I still feel the same. I am still in awe of this life & life-changing experience of literally bringing a life into this world. Forever grateful to my family & Ahsan for always supporting and it’s an honor to be your mom Hasan. But the society’s pressure? The pressure is taking a toll on me the pressure of bouncing back the pressure of looking the best when you don’t feel the best after gaining over 40 kgs in pregnancy to an elected c-section. The overwhelming experience of motherhood. New mamas, do you still feel alone? You’re not alone we’re in this together and we got this! Let’s hit the treadmill 🌟 and show the world who runs the world.”

Social media users praised Minal Khan for calling out regressive beauty standards that push new mothers to toil their bodies in order to lose the excessive weight they gained during pregnancy.

Actress and host Frieha Altaf was among the users who praised the actress for speaking on a topic that is absent from the media.

It’s about time as a society, Pakistani’s stopped throwing such unnecessary trauma over new mothers, and let them grow into their own skin as they learn to adjust to their new realities. Sarwat Gilani had been praised by actresses and social media users yesterday when she recalled her own experiences of suffering post-partum disorder, while encouraging new mothers to seek mental health services.