Minal Khan’s Green Slimming Tea Recipe To Stay Fit In Quarantine

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas


In this time where everyone is sad and there is alot of panic going on as the coronavirus is spreading rapidly.
It is just not an issue of a few countries but of the whole world. We are in this together!! Everyone is in quaratine and it seems like we are left with nothing to do. In this time where doctors and police are on the front-line to rescue the people of their country our celebrities have joined hands to bring some entertainment through different platforms of social media. Maya Ali, Ali Zafar, Minal Khan, Sarwat Gilani, Hina Altaf, Hira Mani, Ali Sethi, and many others are keeping their viewers entertained through different sessions on Instagram.

As every celebrity is coming up with new ideas to keep the viewers entertained, Minal Khan just recently came up with a recipe on her instagram that grabbed everyone’s attention.

Where many are complaining that they might gain weight while sitting at home in this time of quarantine this recipe brought a hope to many to keep their weight in control and a great way for many to lose weight.

Minal Khan shared a recipe of her green slimming tea recipe and many of her friends actually made that tea and tagged her to thank her for the amazing recipe.

We all understand that in this time when are isolated in our homes it is very hard to keep our hands off from food. Where everyone is cooking/baking scrumptious food we just can not resist. If you are looking for a tea to lose weight or keep your weight in check in this time, here is the recipe!!

Green Slimming Tea Recipe by Minal Khan:
2 pieces of Lemon

1 Teaspoon Honey

3/4 sticks of Cinnamon

Crushed Ginger

4 pieces of Cardamom

Hope you all enjoyed reading!!


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