Minal Khan and Saboor Aly talk social media, sisterhood and secrets with Ahsan Khan



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Budding TV superstars Minal Khan and Saboor Aly appeared in a candid interview with Ahsan Khan on his show,  in a siblings special episode. The two girls spoke their minds on the importance they give to social media in their lives, playing negative roles, sisterhood and their overall journey as actors so far.


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Ahsan Khan questioned about the importance of social media and how seriously the two take it. The two agreed that social media is important to have a know-how of the audience and their expectations, but at the same time not let it pressurize you into forgetting your true self, especially in today’s day and age where many people misconstrue situations for the sake of likes and followers. Both also agreed that despite backlash they have made an active decision to be who they are, and let people deal with it.

Show Host Ahsan played many segments of games with the two, during which they shared candid details about their relationship with their respective sisters Aiman Khan and Sajal Aly. Saboor revealed that Sajal and her don’t share discuss love interests owing to the age difference between them. And Minal revealed that Aiman is a bit short-tempered and protective when it comes to her.

Ahsan Khan also questioned Saboor about her shirt tag showing during a scene from her drama “Fitrat“, to which she replied saying “Aisi konsi galati kardi maine. Log itni gandi gandi acting karte hain unko ap log poochte nahin hain. Ek tag nazar agaya uspeh ap log mujhse savaal kar rahey hain.”

The two revealed that Minal Khan is dating Ehsan, while Saboor is still single and the first thing the two notice in a man is whether his nails are dirty or clean. The show was loaded with laughter, fun and games and is a must watch. Scroll below to watch for yourself.