“Midsummer Chaos” debuted its second episode and Twitter had some hilarious reactions!

Meher Bano’s hilarious dancing or Khushal Khan’s acting-we’ve got all the funny meme’s right here!

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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This week a new web series called “Midsummer Chaos” debuted on Youtube which has caught the attention of Twitter users. Written and directed by Ahmed Sarym, the series revolves around the lives of five teenagers in Islamabad and their summer after finishing high school. Twitter users had a lot of aspects to critique from the acting, the dialogues and even how far away the show seemed from representing the lives of normal teenagers in Pakistan, and responded with hilarious memes and tweets about the show. Here we have got some of the best reactions that emerged soon as the second episode of “Midsummer Chaos’ debuted:



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