Mehwish Hayat wants all zoos to shut down

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas


 Mehwish Hayat wants all zoos to shut down as animals are born free

Mehwish Hayat is one of the leading actresses of our industry and has been very vocal about her opinions and views. She has represented Pakistan globally on different platforms where she addressed the issue of how Muslims are being treated in an unfair way and tried to shed light on how warm and welcoming our nation is and how Muslims respect each and every culture.

Recently Kavaan who is sent back to Cambodian sanctuary because it was feeling lonely and depressed after his mate Saheli passed away. The elephant had anger issues and was in deep depression due to which it was declared the “loneliest elephant”.  People were happy to see him at the sanctuary where he soon made friends and was seen recovering.

As there were many issues at the Islamabad zoo and animals were not being taken care of in a proper way,  zoo’s last remaining animals Bubloo and Suzie (Himalayan brown bears) are all set to leave for Jordan on December 17th. The Islamabad High Court stated that the zoo is not fit and equipped enough for animals and has ordered authorities to move all animals there to temporary sanctuaries.


After this news Mehwish Hayat took on twitter and said that animals are born free and should not caged. She further added that in our country where we are still fighting for human-rights, animal-rights are just something that is of least importance for us at the moment. She thinks that it is embarrasing that we only take notice when some foreign celebrities are involved in such issues.




She wants all the zoos to be shut down in our country as they can not take care of the animals and animals are born-free so should not be caged.