Mehwish Hayat makes appearance as Aisha in MsMarvel!



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Leading actress Mehwish Hayat just made her debut in Hollywood with the latest episode of MsMarvel, and Pakistani Twitter is bursting with pride about her appearance in the series.

Mehwish Hayat appears as the protagonist Kamala’s great-grandmother Aisha, in the third episode of the series. Aisha’s role bridges the connection between past and present, and is huge to the main story tying it all together. 

Ms. Marvel revolves around a Pakistani-American girl Kamala Khan, the first-ever Hollywood Muslim superhero. The episode with Mehwish opens with Kamala in the past- in British-occupied India in 1942. There, Najma — looking exactly as she does in the present day — is digging through an artifact-laden temple. She finds a severed arm with a very familiar-looking bangle attached and is quickly joined by her cohorts, including Kamala’s great-grandmother Aisha (Mehwish Hayat).

Pakistani Twitter is extremely psyched about Hollywood’s inclusion of a superhero of another ethnicity in their movies, and Mehwish Hayat has lately been amongst top Twitter trends.

Earlier, Mehwish also lauded Hollywood over Marvel’s first Muslim superhero ‘Ms. Marvel’ in a Twitter post, recognizing the importance of lending proper representation to Muslims in global media.