Meesha Shafi’s new single “Hot Mango Chutney Sauce” proves that she’s nothing but an icon!

“this is so catchy!” one twitter user had to say

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Meesha Shafi has proven that she doesn’t make anything but bangers that you’re immediately hooked to. Today she dropped her latest single “Hot Mango Chutney Sauce” along with the music video.

The singer had previously said that she had written and composed the song herself, while working along side with singer Abdullah Qureshi who had produced the lyrics. Meesha had said that the song was a way to poke sarcasm at the obsession with materialism and wealth that Pakistani people have:

“The idea of writing this song came out of a period of reflection on the rat race we often find ourselves in, where much of the focus is on what people own instead of who they are. It’s a pitfall that is particularly hard to avoid in an industry literally called showbiz, so coming to this realization has been fascinating…Ultimately, the song pokes fun at our collective identity crisis, which is only worsened by our colonial hangover as many of us have begun to realise. Even within the race, we’ve come to attach a higher value to aspects of pop culture that have no roots in Pakistan or the wider South Asian community. So whether it was cultural references in the lyrics or the visual translation of the track into a music video, I aspired to create something uniquely us — desi and proud.”

The music video of the song features popular Pakistani models like Eman Suleman, Zara Peerzada and Bihamaal as well as everyone’s favorite Instagram sensation Swinnery. The video opens up with the models showing up at a dhabba wearing bright outfits and dancing to Meesha’s song, and then they ride around the back of a truck while eating mangoes.

Twitter users had nothing but praises for “Hot Mango Chutney Sauce” as well as Meesha for consistently bringing her A game with every single she drops.”

Hats off to you Meesha! Keep slaying your haters with amazing singles like this!

You can listen to the complete song below