Meesha Shafi and Hasan Minhaj all set to star in a project together




Mustache a coming of age comedy feature film by award winning shorts director Imran J khan.
According to sources the film is autobiographical in nature. It’s about a boy Ilyas, as he navigates life through a public school in California with a moustache that his parents won’t let him shave.


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Many noted actors including Alicia Silverstone and Rizwan Manji are also included in the cast. Rizwan is going to play Ilyas’ father Hameed, with Meesha Shafi playing the mother, Ayana Manji portraying his school friend, Yasmeen. The characters of Alicia Silverstone and Hasan Minhaj have not been reveled yet.

Rizwan told Deadline a little about the plot of the film which has us excited: “I am excited to be a part of a project that tells a universal coming of age story in ways that we haven’t seen before and from a diverse perspective. Mustache is an honest representation of growing up Muslim in the 90s. I found the script special, and immediately connected to the father son relationship that is central to the film.”

Imran J Khan’s award-winning short Prom was based on ideas from  Hasan Minhaj’s stand-up special Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King.

Knowing the feisty nature of Meesha Shafi and filter free vibe of Hasan Mihaj, we can’t wait to see both of them on the screens.
A Pakistani-American flick focusing on the struggles of growing in a Western environment sounds like a relatable and intriguing plot to watch on our screens.

Excited and intrigued!