Mathira fires back at body shamers for saying that she has had plastic surgery

“It’s all natural, don’t be jealous”

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Mathira has always been the main target on the internet about her body, her career and she has proven every time that when trolls try to shut her down she rises above their cruel jokes and shaming. The model and actress was a guest on the Ahsan Khan show where she was asked if she had anything to say to the trolls who kept insisting that she had undergone plastic surgery as well as gotten implants to look the way she does now. Mathira had to say that the opposite was true:

“I have to say something, I know that a lot of people assume that I have done a lot of things to my body. Some will say surgery but also many people say it’s plastic, silicone, implants. It’s all natural don’t be jealous!”


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In the comment section of this post, trolls still tried to target Mathira by shaming her for altering her body parts with the help of plastic surgery, but she proved to them that she is no longer allowing anyone to shame her for her life choices. Like this one person claimed that the credit for her good looks solely went to her doctors, she responded back by saying that liposuction and lasers were not a crime and she would openly embrace them had she done them!

“Yes true I did liposuction I removed fat! You can talk to my doctors I didn’t and won’t get implants and if I do I will openly accept it I don’t have lip fillers and lasers I don’t shy away from the things I do I own them! I did liposuction (which is) not a crime because I was in bed rest for a long time after my accident I have a punctured lung, 3 rib fractures. I was on heavy medication you can Google my accident details (they are) not funny. Plus, I left my anti-depressants they put on a lot of weight and I have hormone issues! So yeah nothing to hide.”

Good for you Mathira for standing up to the haters and defending your life choices as your own! Body shaming someone is a despicable thing to do, and we must make our society understand that a woman’s body belongs to her and she has the right to dress the way she wants!