Mardan bride requests for books as haq-mehr from husband

Taking #BrideGoals to another level! 👰🏻

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Naila Shamal is a bride from Mardan who is a writer and PHD student by profession, had set social media ablaze by the unique and yet endearing request she made to her husband for her haq-mehr. Haq-mehr is the obligatory payment made by a husband to his wife on the day of their marriage, which can be anything like money, jewelry or any form of property.

In a video trending on Twitter, Naila revealed that for her Haq-mehr, she had requested her husband to give her books worth Rs 100,000 instead of money or jewelry. In her video, she explained that because of her profession as a writer, she had requested for books:.

“Every bride wants money or jewelry for her marriage. But since I am a writer, I love books so I asked for them.”

Naila also pointed out how corrupt traditions have long surrounded the concept of haq mehr and marriage, and she wanted people to understand how valuable books can be which is why she made such an unusual request:

“In our society there are many flawed traditions because of which women are suffering…I also love books and I believe that if we do not recognize their value, then how can we expect others to understand it as well?”

Since the emergence of the video, social media responded with praises towards Naila Shamal for her love of books and breaking conventional stereotypes surrounding marriage. We have included some of the best responses from Twitter below: