Mahnoor Baloch’s elegant response to Bushra Ansari’s criticism of her acting skills



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Evergreen beauty Mahnoor Baloch recently appeared on Momin Saqib‘s talk show ‘Had Kardi’, where she raised the bar with her graceful response to criticism by veteran actor Bushra Ansari about Baloch’s acting skills.

When asked by the host Momin about Mahnoor’s take on Bushra Ansari’s comments about Mahnoor’s acting, the host appeared hesitant to repeat Ansari’s exact words. However, without any hang ups, Baloch herself stated that she had seen clips of the veteran actress’s opinion, in which she had said that Mahnoor was very beautiful but did not know how to act.


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However, instead of getting riled up or upset about Bushra Ansari’s comments, Baloch responded with exemplary grace saying that she respected Ansari’s opinion as she is entitled to her own feedback. With that said, Baloch added that Ansari’s opinion may be formed by the idea that actors should have a wide range of genres they are able to play and perform, but unfortunately she had not gotten the opportunity to take on versatile roles during her career. She recalled how after script readings, she requested directors for certain roles, but was rejected because her look didn’t fit the requirement, they would say.

From there the conversation became about how certain actors end up being stereotyped with a particular role or character, instead of turning sour and personal over Ansari and her reckless words, setting an example for audiences to focus on the positive and sift through the negativity with humility and grace!!!💟