Lux Style Awards is introducing process changes this year




The Lux Style Awards are the most prestigious awards ceremony in Pakistan. The platform has created a legacy of facilitating some of the finest talent the country has produced. The award ceremony is entering its twenty-first year in 2022. While considering the requirements of the entertainment industry and keeping up with the changing times, Lux Style Awards has decided to revamp the process to reiterate a level of transparency while deciding upon the winners.


To begin with, all Viewer’s Choice submissions have been listed on LSA’s official portal, This gives voters an equal opportunity to cast their vote for the artists who they want to win the coveted silver trophy for the work they have done the previous year.


Secondly, the Viewer’s Choice categories will be a combination of public rating and digital rating for all categories, in addition to channel rating for TV categories.


A dark jury will deliberate on the categories for the Critic’s Choice section of the awards. Furthermore, the process for both the Viewer’s and Critic’s Choice selection process will be audited by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC). This ensures that the winners’ ballots remain secured and will only be announced at the show. 


The much looked-after awards ceremony is set to be held before the end of the year.