Lulusar in Deosai: A collaboration with nature



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Great, divine, challenging and unpredictable, this is what the journey has been like for Lulusar as a brand. It became a tradition more than a campaign for Lulusar to gather every year to explore the unprecedented lands of the North. Bringing you an experience through the glass of fashion.

Deosai, the land of the giants’ raves at the whooping height of 13,497 feet from sea level in the depths of the richness of Baltistan. A terrestrial that only a few people venture to and out of which none of them have ever shot a campaign there until today. The only place in Pakistan that is rippled with sand dunes and snow-capped peaks at the same time. Grass rising to your knees and water bodies that flow as clear as its sky, Deosai is remarked as the ‘end of the world’ as some explorers might call it. Rightfully so, because if the world should end, it must end with a view of heaven’s prodigy, the abode of the spirits.

The people of Baltistan are always wrapped in the colors of vibrance, a symbol as they call it to signify the true spirit in which Baltistan unravels – lively and true to itself. Lulusar curated a collection that not only embraced the spirit of Deosai, Baltistan but owns it.

The craftsmanship of the collection ventures to master the technique of ikat. In practice, the design of alternating stripes of red, white, yellow, and green with the dark brown brocade weaving pattern on ensembles that silhouette in sophistication and elegance. Ethnic fused with modern progressive wear in bright popping colors of Deosai that bring life to everything around them. Ikat hails from the culture of South Asia but now storms beyond Central Asia to all over the world. Acclaimed international designers have studied and worked on a technique as complex as ikat.

From the perfectly pleated dresses to the extravagant flair of layered skirts. Lulusar has revolutionized the way women in Pakistan see fashion since 2017 and continues to do so with every passing year. Here is to another journey, another discovery, and another era.